Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Pansy Cane

I don't create a lot of floral designs - I guess I'm just not much of a flower caner, but I have always loved pansies and wanted to create a pansy cane true to how I see pansies for an upcoming project. This is the result!

Pansies have always been symbols of hope and renewal for me. Growing up in Minnesota, you'd see their cheery faces popping through the ground with snow melting only feet away. My mother used to plant them in window boxes on the outside of the house so we could see them through the window as we washed dishes. It's wonderful the smile you get on your face remember childhood images like that - isn't it?

Deb's Pansy Cane in purple & yellow
Well, as part of my 'turning over a new leaf' I've created a tutorial for this cane. I actually really enjoyed creating this and will probably do a few more for a variety. You can find the tutorial right now at ClayLessons or at my Etsy Shop.

I still have a few more tutorials in the works and want to get good tutorials out there for both my face canes (along with tutorials for male and female hair styles) and my Santa cane. They're both more complicated than my Pansy Cane, so it'll be awhile as I work out the details. There are some other projects in the works as well, so hopefully you'll see new updates here more often as well!

Well, on a personal note: I was chatting with my boyfriend and he made a comment and we both had flashbacks to Hee Haw. Do any of you remember Hee Haw? I've had "Where oh where are you tonight?" stuck in my head ever since. lol I have great memories of watching that show with my Dad; the humor, the ability the cast had to laugh at themselves and each other. I know he enjoyed the buxom ladies in the short shorts, but to me I think the most special part of that show is that the players weren't perfect, but looked like they could be neighbors right down the street (except for maybe the buxom ladies). I think I'll have to see if I can find a few full episodes online. lol


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