Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Tie-Dye!

Rainbow Tie Dye Sunburst Cane Tie Dye Pinwheel
Magic Chevrons Cane Jewel-tone Magic Chevron Cane with White Accents
     In 2012 I created a few canes out of scraps left from a guild challenge. The first cane that I created was my magic swirl cane, which instantly became a big hit. I made a few other canes while experimenting and the tie-dye chevron cane was one. The cane I made initially was small, so I only had enough for a few cute projects. I'd always wanted to experiment more with it, though - and after a demo trip to Houston to show how to create my magic swirl cane, I had left over colored scraps, so decided to try round two. I was tickled at the response - it completely took me off guard and want to thank everyone for all their excitement and kindness.

     Admittedly, I was head over heads over my new cane as well, so off I went experimenting with different variations. And then I had to use them! Bangles, hearts, geckos, and I know I'll do a few more things down the line. I now have three new classes on CraftArtEdu with these fun new canes - a variety for folks to choose what they want to learn. The first is a class on how to make the three different cane variations. You can view the preview here. The second is to make the tie-die chevron cane and use it to cover a bangle form. It's a simple, fun class that you can preview here. The third is making the tie-dye pinwheel cane and creating a fun gecko pin with the cane. The preview is here. There canes are great and can be used with techniques taught in my other classes, too - like the hollow hearts in my Lacy Floral Hearts or Inro and Hollow Heart Bead classes, the necklace and earrings in my Dragonscale Gems class, to makes some tie-dye teddy bears using my Jointed Floral Bears class, or as a background for my Rock & Roll Tin class.

     The cane and gecko classes are normally $20, but are on sale through midnight tonight for $15. The bangle class is regularly only $7, but is on sale for $5 - which is a great way to learn a fun new cane! As a bonus, you can get ALL THREE classes for only $25 using the code tiedye3 when you check out with all three in your cart! In addition, all my other classes are also 25% off! So now is a great time to get a wonderful variety of classes that you can mix and match the techniques and canes in to get a great variety of polymer clay options!


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