Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mystic & Magical Creations

Elabradorite and Hydra Choker
Elabradorite and Hydra Choker
Originally uploaded by SageBray
Sage Bray always makes me imagine. Her necklaces conjure images of beautiful wicked warlocks casting spells or forest elves hidden among the trees hunting with a bow and arrow. I can imagine her work being worn in movies like Avatar or Clash of the Titans. There is magic there and that magic was recognized when she was named one of the Polymeristas of the Month of July by Voila! The gems in this piece are faux labradorite made with silver leaf, alcohol inks and polymer clay. They're set in faux antique silver and accented by tiny dragon heads - beautiful hand-crafted wearable piece of art! You can find more of Sage's wonderful creations in her Etsy SHOP or follow her BLOG or Facebook Fan page.

Today is day 5 of the PCAGOE challenge and there are only a few days left to VOTE. Sage's necklace is a wonderful example of what wonders can be creating using polymer clay, ink, foils, leaf, and paints.

This has been a fun experiment and one that has turned into a new line that I'm rather excited about. I had talked previously about using extruded clay to set up channels for inlays for sheets of millefiori, mokume gane, or over-layed polymer clay.  Well, there has been such a response to it that I'm trying out some new venues.  I've started with these two guitar tins.  I hand draw the guitar, so each one is slightly different, then lay out the channels, fill, cure, and sand smooth.  I finish with a few layers of liquid Kato so it has a nice dimensional look to it.  I'm currently finishing off a banjo, acoustic guitar and a violin, and plan on doing some more free style artistic tins with faces, florals, etc using this technique along with a tutorial using a more basic idea on a pendant.  The guitars can get rather complicated to finish off and it might be something hard to charge right into.  If you have any suggestions or think of anything fun this could be applied toward, I'd love to hear them.  My friends are always my biggest inspiration!

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