Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Not a Black & White World

It's Not a Black and White World by Deb Hart
It's the first of the month and time again for the PCAGOE challenge vote.  This month I took a bit of time out of my crazy life and created this fun bracelet.  I've been thinking a lot about my art lately and how to make it my 'own.'  As a teen and young adult I used to draw lots of fun stylized female faces - clowns, mimes, and cartoon like images with flowers, stars, etc.  I always found some old artwork from my college days with colors and eyes.... and am image starting coming together.  I liked the idea of a mime, but turning the whole black & white paint around and adding color - like the mime is doing an invisible bit against a colored wall.   I started with the face cane and created a mime face in sections with a translucent background. Mime/Clown series canesI plan on creating a few more clown and mime faces using the same face component canes and changing and swapping noses and mouth expressions. I then created 6 rainbow colored checkerboard canes that I arranged so that when tiled they faded from one color to the next.  I used bold colors and shaded the colors slightly with white to give the faces more of a contrast to stand out.  It was lots of mixing and extruding, but I have lots of colorful canes to play with now and plan to put them to good use.

      This month's PCAGOE challenge theme is "Bold Graphics."  Check out this mosaic of all this months entries and give one a vote!  The voting is going on at or you can view the images in detail at the PCAGOE gallery on Flickr.  As always 3 lucky voters will win prizes from our guild sponsors!  Take a few minutes to enjoy these wonderful artists and thank you!

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