Monday, March 3, 2014

Bridal Lace

   I know with the wicked winter weather hitting many places this winter that it's hard to believe, but spring is right around the corner. REALLY! And with spring comes warmth, flowers, new leaves, and LOVE. Yes, it's that time of year where many new brides are picking out there wedding gowns and preparing for that special day.

   Now, I admit when I first made my Pansy and Butterfly canes in shades of black, white and gray - it was for the elegant effect of having a colorless pattern and how wonderful it would be to have just a touch of color for POP, but after making my first creations they reminded me of lace and looked so delicate. One of the folks commenting on my earrings said that they'd be wonderful for a bride - and that made for the perfect name for this wonderful monochromatic combination.

   And they do look wonderful with a pretty colorful butterfly for POP, but by themselves, they have a simple elegance that could grace a bridal gown or add a bit of pizzazz to your favorite little black dress.

Here are a few more pieces!

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