Friday, April 4, 2014

My Signature Cane

New Signature Cane     I've been wanting to do a signature cane for some time now, but (silly me) it seems like such an important statement.  Maybe I think too much about these kind of things, but I wanted it to not only represent my name, but also be a symbol of my work so that it's recognized on multiple levels.  At the same time I didn't want it to be so complex that the detail would get muddied in the tiny slice I'd use to mark my designs.  So after way too much thought I came up with this design.
Rainbow Swirl     So - first off I wanted it to represent my name, Deb Hart, thus I took my first initial and my last name and came up with a heart pattern inside a letter D.  I used my magic swirl cane as the basis for my heart, since it's become so popular.  If you haven't seen my tutorial for the cane you can find it in my blog or in my newsletter.  I've made some wonderful creation with this cane and you can see an assortment below.  The black D was then built around the heart.  I went with the black D and white background to separate the many colors of the magic swirl from any color in the design I'm placing the signature cane on - to minimize any color conflicts.  And that's about it.  This one should last me a long, long time and then I'll have to go through the whole thinking process again.
Magic Swirls Cross Magic Swirls Chunky Bangle



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