Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Change #2 - Museum of Modern Art

     Ya, when I saw this for the first time - I just sat at my computer in awe for awhile.  It's funny when you get so busy working so hard to just make a dent in the vision you see for yourself in your head, that you get surprised when you get to the point where that vision is no longer IN your head.  (I really hope that makes sense.  lol)  So, to sum it up - I'm now selling my creations in the gift shop at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and did a wonderful demo and trunk show there on August 1.
     I have to do a full hearted thank you to Lorri and all the staff there for making me feel so wonderful and special.  The patrons were amazing and so very interested in watching me create the cane that I was working on (future post - spoilers).   I talked until I had no voice - which wasn't very hard because I was coming down with a bug that kept me in bed the whole weekend afterwards.  I needed the rest though and sometimes being sick is the only way to force me to stop and get it.  It's just all so exciting and I want to make the most of every second of this wonderful life I've been given.
    If you want to visit the Modern Art Museum website you can click on the image above or visit there gift shop at  Their online selection is limited, but visiting the store in person is definitely worth while if you're visiting the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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