Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Owl Kachina

Owl Kachina Tile Bangle     The Great Horned Owl or Owl Kachina is also known as Mongwu.  This great spirit is considered beneficial to agriculture because it hunts rodents.  During ceremonies, the Owl Kachina is a symbol of intelligence and wisdom - keeping the Clown Kachina in line with the help of the different Warrior Kachinas.
     In making my Owl Kachina you may see several canes that I've used in the past for other projects.  The canes for the facial feathers, the side feathers, and the eyes are from my original red/brown owl cane.  The feathers on the top of the head and for the collar are from my original Sunface Kachina.
     This little owl looks wonderful along side my Southwestern Bear Claw tiles laid out as a bracelet!  I'm so looking forward to experimenting more with this design in some chunky necklaces with tapering tiles in various southwestern themes.  I sometimes wish there were more hours in the day for all the ideas floating around in my head that need out!
Owl Kachina Mask/Bracelet tile/Pendant Owl Kachina Mask/Bracelet tile/Pendant
Owl Kachina Mask/Bracelet tile/Pendant

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