Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunface Kachina

Sunface Kachina Tile Bangle     The Sunface or Sun Kachina is also known as Tawa.  It represents the spirit of the sun and the sun's warmth, bringing hope for shelter for the old and a bright future with playfulness for the young.  He often appears in the morning - like the Morning Singer Kachina.
     When I moved from Minnesota to Texas, there was so much I learned about Native American culture and how it's influenced decor in Southern homes.  I learned even more living in Albuquerque, visiting the wonderful shops, and admiring the street wears there and in Santa Fe.  There is something about Native American art that resonates in me - something we can all learn and something that leaves me wanting to understand more.  They are treasures we need to share with the world and that make the world a better place.  When I made my first Sunface Kachina, it was in spring 2009 as part of a guild challenge.  I loved the idea of using polymer clay to bring out the design detail in these wonderful masks.  The color, the patterns, and the overall concept all wrapped up in wonderful symbolism!
     I've included in my little pictorial mosaic below some of my earlier Kachina pieces.  They've all found wonderful homes and I'm sure this little mask will be home soon, too!
Sunface Kachina Mask/Bracelet tile/Pendant Sunface Kachina Tin
Sunface Kachina Necklace Sunface Kachina Mask/Bracelet tile/Pendant
Sunface Kachina - detail
Sunface Kachina Mask/Bracelet tile/Pendant

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