Friday, April 9, 2010

Crazy Quilt Churchill Tins & Pen

Here is a quick photo of an experiment I did with some left over cane ends. I made them into a very fine marbled background (so that the white in them wouldn't throw off the foreground patterns) and then added some of my 60s cane images, Union Jack flags, and WC crests for a fun crazy quilt design for Churchill High School. It's very busy, but has a certain chaotic appeal I think. lol

Today's Blog is going to be short and sweet. I need to sit back and refocus a bit today and have worn myself out a bit. There is so much that I've been planning and doing and wanting to do - from more detailed local school designs, to more generic college designs, to more mother's day gifts that are customizable, to more drawings and painting, to working on some more 'artsitic' polymer projects.... and then there is those added things that need doing - paperwork, licensing, business plans, TAXES, shows, galleries, tagging, production, and website updating. Not to mention just being a mom and trying to manage to have a little bit of a personal life. I sometimes wonder how people that succeed ever manage to find enough hours in the day. lol

Thinking of all that I have been through and am going through let's me know one thing - when and if all of this comes together, I want to give back to others in my situation, give to the community, give to the schools. Nothing is worth while unless you can help those who helped you.

God Bless You All!

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