Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PCAGOE May Challenge Prize Pool

The time is fast approaching for the upcoming May Challenge in the PCAGOE! This month's challenge theme is historical! Entries have been submitted until noon eastern today and voting will begin on May 1st. Five lucky voters will win prizes from the wonderful prize pool pictured! The prizes donated are as follows:
Row 1: Barette - Polyclarific; Tin- ClayCenter; Bracelet - YoungCreative; Necklace - ArrowdalleArtStudio
Row 2: Bangle - HiGirls; Necklace - 11BoldStreet; Earrings - PolymerClayCreations; Earrings - ClayHappy
Row 3: Pendant - JKollmann; Pendant - NKDesigns; Pendant - SCDiva; Beads - JenCom72
Row 4: Pendant -BeeTreeByMe; Pendant -RiverValleyDesign; Pendant - LaurelSteven; Cane - ToniNZ;

It's been hard to sleep lately as my "to do" list keeps getting larger and a few weeks of being under the weather hasn't helped, but I have managed to put together some new designs and rework a few old canes into new items. Here is a few pieces! The rest of my week will be spent catching up on spring cleaning and organizing my thoughts to prioritize my ever growing list. =) Then I'll be blogging about the PCAGOE challenge entries starting May 1. Look for more southwestern designs and possibly more kachina pendants/hanging in the near future along with a few more high end jewelry pieces. And I'd like to take this time to thank my friends in PCAGOE and everyone else for their wonderful support and encouragement. What a wonderful 'family' to be a part of!

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