Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cubist Bangle

Cubist Bangle
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Geometric Shapes are always so fun to work with and this piece by Lisa Rapp is just stunning! It has so many layers of detail! The shapes are crisp and shine, while the background looks like rough linen and has the illusion of transparency. There is so much design depth to this piece beyond the simple lines and I just love it. Lisa joined the PCAGOE in January. She not only makes fabulous bangles, but stunning handmade bags that she uses her polymer clay gift to personalize! You can find more of Lisa's creations at her shop, HiGirls or join her Facebook Fan page.

This week during the PCAGOE challenge vote, I'll be featuring random artists who entered while the voting is going on. Lisa is the first and there will be 6 more until voting ends April 7th. If you haven't voted in the challenge yet, please do so HERE - Remember 5 lucky public voters chosen at random will win a lovely gift, so go VOTE!

I've been doing a bit of catch up from time to time in order to update some of my older items (not that any of it is really old - I've been a whirlwind of activity for months now). I've learned so much more about how to photograph items and finishing and editing with all the practice I have been going back and redoing some photos when I have a few extra minutes and throwing a few new old pictures in when I take new new pictures. =) Here is a few examples of photos from items made for Oak Meadow Elementary that I took time to edit and update last night. This was my first 'horse' cane and I still adore the colors. I might just have to add a funky border to the cane and use it for something other than school items. I have way too many canes to play with now. lol

Do you have your carrots in order for the Easter Bunny, yet?

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