Monday, May 3, 2010

Bath Tub Gin Bootleggers

How wonderfully funny is this! This wonderful creation tickles the funny bone from the wonderful expressions on the cat's faces (can cats get drunk?) to the cute 'feet' on the bathtub. This creation is by mixed media artist Alison Kurek. Alison writes about her challenge piece, "1920 through 1933 marked a period of decreed alcohol abstinence in the United States. It also marked a period of bootlegging, bath tub gin, gangsters and general upheaval in American society." Alison's shop is filled with more wonderful creations - sculptures, art, and ACEOs - that all put a smile on your face! If you'd like to follow Alison's musing her blog is or you can 'like' her Facebook Fan Page.

Today is day 3 of the PCAGOE Challenge. Voting goes until May 7 and 5 lucky voters win a prize from our fabulous member donate pool. If you haven't cast your vote, you can vote HERE.

Today has been a quiet day while I regroup and get a bit of much needed rest. I hosted a quick meeting with some other Moms from my daughter's elementary school to discuss the 5th grade graduation art project. We're teaching the kids how to draw faces and then will put in some color with water color pencils on the eyes, cheeks, lips. The theme is "IMABEE" and the kids theme will be what they see themselves becoming as adults. I'll be sure to snap a few shots of the finished art to share with all of you! Here is a fun picture of a mixed stone bead necklace with fun polymer clay faces. This is one of my favorites!

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