Sunday, May 2, 2010

Medieval manuscript cane set

Medaevil manuscript cane set
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
Well, you all know that I'm a caner, so seeing canes in the challenge pool makes me jump for joy! These beautiful canes are made by Laura Medeiros aka Zoeowyn. Laura writes about her challenge piece, "This set of 4 canes are all based on pieces/design elements that you could find in medieval illuminated manuscripts. I took a class to the museum to see an exibit, and I fell in love with the little detail work in the illuminations. I decided I needed to try to make that in clay. There is a simple gold dot, a small fleur de lis on a dark pearl blue back ground, and celtic knot, and a colorful floral design. All 4 canes are made from Sculpey III, and they all use the same colors. They were designed to be used together." What a great idea! There is such wonderful art in caning and I know from experience how mind boggling working out a design like her celtic knot can be! Fabulous work! You can find more celtic knots, dragons and wonderful fairy doors (when you can find them) in her SHOP or follow her on her blog at

Today is day 2 for the PCAGOE challenge. Don't forget to VOTE and you, too could become one of the lucky 5 voters to receive a prize from out fabulous member created prize pool!

It's my youngest daughter's 11th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Sage! We had the big party with friends already, so today is just a day to relax with the family - though I'll probably work on some projects later this evening after present opening. =) Here is a photo of the canes I used for making my Sunface Kachina for the PCAGOE challenge.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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