Friday, May 7, 2010

The History of Women

Today I'm featuring two challenge pieces as the last day of voting in the PCAGOE challenge. The first if Lynda Moseley's Tribute to women getting the right to vote! Lynda writes, "My entry commemorates the ratification and passing of the 19th amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which finally gave women in this country the right to vote in 1920. It also honors the first women in my family who were legally able to exercise their right to vote, my Great Grandmothers: Caralie Douglas Medlock Stoney, Julia Elizabeth Craft Moseley, Cora Lee Taylor Page and Pezzie Hinson Forrester." Lynda's work is always stunning - from her image transfers like this piece to her wonderful faux pieces. You can find her shop HERE or follow her on her blog at

The second piece I'm featuring is Cindy Matthews steamer trunk. Cindy writes, "This trunk represents the hard choices all of our great-(?)-grandparents had to make when they left their homes and families - all that they knew, to come to a new life in America. My great-grandparents came in the latter half of the 19th century, along with 33 other families after massive flooding for several along the Rhine left their farms useless. As I think about them packing up what little they probably had left after selling everything to survive, I imagine that final packing must have been so difficult. "We NEED this, but oh, great-grandmother's Christening gown...must I leave it?" What brave, brave people were they who settled this great country. This is a tribute to them. Except for the scrapbook paper I used to line the trunk, and the "blanket" on which the Christening gown rests, this is 100% polymer clay. " What a moving tribute to a time in history and a family heirloom! Cindy's work is so unique - from her creative sculpted purses to her wonderful little buildings. She always puts a person twist on everything she does that warms the heart! You can find Cindy's shop HERE or follow her blog at

Today is the final day of the PCAGOE challenge. If you haven't voted, you can vote HERE. Don't forget - 5 lucky voters win a prize from our wonderful prize pool! VOTE TODAY!

The last few days I've been finishing sanding and buffing a few new creations from the kaleidoscope canes and experiments with my Sunface Kachina design. The weather here is beautiful and I hope to spend some time in the yard this weekend or possibly just catching up on some rest. =)

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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