Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Faux Jade Fish

I've always love jade and these little fishes are so wonderful! Might be the pisces in me also, but I just want to flip the top one. lol =) These lovely faux fishes are made by Jackie Sieben of The Pleasant Pheasant. Jackie's makes the most wonderful Kaleidoscope Canes and was my inspiration for the creations I put together. I loved viewing all the wonderful detail and seeing how all the colors, blends and details fit together to make a whole. My own spin on the kaleidoscope cane was that inner practical nature of mine and wanting to recycle old canes that I knew I'd never use again. lol To see Jackie's wonderful canes for yourself, visit her etsy SHOP or take a peak at her BLOG. Maybe you'll get inspired, too!

Jackie's wonderful faux jade fish are another entry in this month's PCAGOE Faux challenge. Tomorrow is the last day to vote, so VOTE HERE if you haven't yet. You may be one of the lucky 5 voters to win a wonderful member created prize.

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Old Lace Perfume Pen

Speaking of inspirations, here is a few pieces that were created with my "Old Lace" Kaleidoscope cane. It isn't a huge cane by comparison with the other canes I have made, but slightly larger than my first two kaleidoscope canes, so I got to experiment a bit more with ways to use it. I have a few more projects in the works and am totally enjoying the detail and the color in these canes, so I plan on making more and maybe throwing together a tutorial from my creative process. Another 'to do' for my long, long list. =)


  1. Wow Deb, you did a great job with that cane, which I admired greatly from the first time I saw it! Nice work, that.

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! I'm going to have to take another photo of those faux jade fish, because EVERYONE has wished for the top fish to be flipped, LOL. I'll have to find them and do a re-take. Thank you again. ~Jackie

  2. Thanks so much for featuring Jackie's wonderful fish. I've been a big fan of her work for a very long time. To me they look like real Antique Chinese jade. BTW, I love the way they are placed in the photo. A bit more unpredictable and appealing (at least to me!)

    Deb, cool kaleidoscope cane. I like it and what you've made with it very much. Fun colours and patterns. Talk about versatility in use.

  3. Jackie - you're very welcome! Well, I'm a pisces, so flipping the fish has somewhat an appeal to me. lol And thank you! I means a lot to hear that you liked my canes. =)

    Melobeau - Jackie does great work! I love the little fishes and green is just my color. =) I'm glad you like my canework - I'm always trying to find new ideas. Learning is just fun!

  4. Anita (Melobeau) is the sweetest! Thank you, Anita, you're such a great cheering section for me. When I listen to you, I can do ANYTHING, LOL.

    Deb - ahhhh, the fact that you are Pisces explains it! I'm going to try to find those fishies.... and re-photo them.

    One thing I'd like to say - the Faux Jade recipe that I used came from Suzanne Ivester, with a twist or two added by me. But she has a great little "faux" kit that I love and refer to often.

  5. Thank you for the info! I'll have to look up Suzanne's recipe. =)



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