Saturday, July 3, 2010

Faux Venetian Glass Mosiac

Faux Venetian Glass Mosiac
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How elegant is this! This beautiful tulip mosaic is brought to you by Pati Bannister. It is literally a mosaic in that it is made up of hundreds of little polymer clay pieces painstakingly tiles together into this wonderful pendant. Pati writes, "I have always loved mosaics, and must admit that I am having an absurdly wonderful time making these pieces. I am loving working with all sorts of colors and trying different mixes (much as when painting). Even the hand-sanding, buffing and waxing is fun as this is when the colors come to life." Pati in addition to being a fellow polymer clay addict is also an artist and a painter. I think some of my favorites from her collection of work are her faux petroglyph pendants. But then I have that hidden side of me that reads National Geographic from cover to cover and dreams of one day doing a 'dig.' lol Pati is one of those undiscovered talents in the polymer clay world, but her creativity and her style are going to catch more fans than just me. =) You can find more of Pati's work (including her wonderful petroglyph pendants) in her etsy SHOP or follow her on her BLOG. Enjoy!

Pati's tulip is another entry in this month's PCAGOE challenge - FAUX! It's wonderful to see what can be done with polymer clay and how truly versatile and beautiful the medium is. Voting in this month's challenge is now through July 7th. 5 lucky voters win a wonderful prize from our member created prize pool!! For your chance to win, vote HERE!

These past few weeks I've been playing around a lot with different styles. Here is a few pictures of not only some new designs using pillow beads and my new kaleidoscope canes, but also some new ideas in photographing my work to make it more appealing artistically. In studying - for instance - the photos that make it into treasuries, I found that the color palettes have a huge draw. Coordinating the composition of the photo with the piece of jewelry seems to be key in catching people's eye - they want to see more than just the jewelry alone. So far, these photos have exceeded my expectations in the draw they have shown in Flickr and etsy, but there is always room for more experiments. =) It's hard to know sometimes what others may look for.

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