Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Faux Stained Glass Votive Candle Holder

Anyone that's been to my house knows that I LOVE candles, so this little colorful, cheery votive holder is right up my alley! This beauty was created by Berit Hines or Clay Center. Berit is an expert at the art of 'cover' - she covers votives, tins, salt & pepper shakers, pens, crochet hooks, wine stoppers, etc etc etc. She makes the most lovely millefiori canes for her creations and coordinates the colors so very well! From bright cheerful bold colors like this votive, to soft shades of pink, teal, and purple. When I'm thinking of doing a new project and trying to think how design details coordinate, I often find myself going to Berit's photostream on Flickr and poking around for inspiration. You can find more of Berit's wonderful clay designs at her etsy SHOP or visit her BLOG.

Berit's faux stained glass votive is another entry in this month's PCAGOE faux challenge. Today is the final day to vote and you're final chance to win a prize in our voter drawing. VOTE HERE before it's too late.

Paperdoll Pillow Earrings Feather Swirled Lentil Earrings
Old Lace Swirled Lentil Earrings UT Camo Swirled Lentil Earrings

Earrings, earring, earrings! They show off the bead so nicely! I have all these wonderful beads left over from scraps and this and that - my way of making the most of every project. It is so fun for me to put a pair of earrings together out of a beautiful bead that could have gone to the scrap clay heap. It's even better when it finds a home and I get to see someone else enjoying it. Polymer clay is such a wonderfully colorful, flexible, multi-purpose medium - I am always thinking up new wonders to try.


  1. Both of these projects are Amazing! They look lovely. I wish I could use polymer but I've always been hopeless at it. Does the light shine through the colours of the candle holder?

  2. Polymer clay has a natural translucent hue and in this project, Berit mixed the colors with a translucent only clay to give it more transparency, so yes, it does. There are many wonderful candle holders on Etsy made by various polymer clay artists that are pictured in the dark with a lit candle and they're beautiful. There are also some great tutorials out there that are free or very inexpensive at Claylessons or CraftEdu, if you'd like to give it another try. Plus there is a huge polymer clay network on facebook that is always ready to offer help and advice. =) And poke me if you have questions - always glad to help. =)



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