Friday, May 27, 2011

Easy Swirled Lentil Tutorial

I know, I know - it's been 8 months since I last posted then two days in a row. The world is going to end!!! =) I guess like all things in life, time passes and the world goes on and hurts heal. And once it heals - IT'S TIME TO CLAY! right? This is another tutorial that I make generous use of on a regular basis. Using a few tools, it's makes making uniform swirled lentil beads out of your clay or cane craps a simple process. I've had the photographs taken for this tutorial for months and have wanted to share it, but have only recently found a tad more time and creative inspiration. ...or maybe it's just that I have a very wonderful new man in my life that is making the dark shadows seem not so dark anymore. =) As you can see from the photograph - you still see a lot of the canework in the swirls and they have a nice uniform pattern. You can find the tutorial for sale in my Etsy Shop or at ClayLessons. Here is a few more items I've made using the same technique.

I can't wait to see some creations folks have made using my tutorials and post them here! I love how other people tweek your inspiration with their own creativity. I have more tutorials on the way, too!

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