Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Polymer + PMC = LOVE

Color Hoop II
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Liz Hall's work is amazing. I've gone over her Flickr photostream and shop over and over - it's hard to decide what to show you because it's all just fabulous! Liz is another fellow member of PCAGOE. She is from Virginia where her and her husband (also an artist) own Silverwood Farm and Studio - their art haven and pinto sporthorse breeding farm. Her work combines the wonderful colors of polymer clay with PMC (Precious Metal Clay) which is a clay composed of fine silver (or other precious metals). Her etsy shop is filled with such colorful wonders - rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, belt buckles - all just amazing in their color and detail. You can find more of Liz's work in her ETSY shop or her website at She also has a Facebook fan page at

With Mother's Day just around the corner, now is a great time to pick up something wonderful from this award winning polymer clay artist!

There is always so much to do. =) I'll be feverishly working on new designs for the next few days but things always get slowed down when I have to take those designs and photograph them, edit, post, etc etc. I was working until about 2am last night burning off some pent up anxiety that occasionally builds up in all of us - bills, kids, housework, business, yardwork, relationships, etc etc. I think sometimes you have to be super human to make it all work ....and I'm not quite there yet. lol I've been working on overlays some and experimenting with covering pens - practice, practice, practice and then sand, sand, sand. I think I'm getting it down though - I love the shine and color of these pens and the faces really just POP. And hopefully with more practice I'll leave some skin on the sides of my fingers when I'm done sanding. lol or not....

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