Saturday, June 5, 2010

Springtime for a Transplanted Jersey Girl

Toni Ransfield is a millefiori GODDESS - no really, she is!!! This gorgeous tin is just the tiniest of examples of her wonderful array of canes, designs, and wonders. I can't count the number of times I've browsed her Flickr account or her etsy shop and marveled over the designs there.  Such beautiful colors!  Toni resides in New Zealand where Polymer Clay work is as uncommon as the natural beauty is common.  (I still remember fondly watching Hercules which was filmed there....and it wasn't all about Kevin Sorbo....well, not all.)  Whereever Toni resides, we are lucky to have her!  She makes the world so so so much more colorful!  Besides the wonderful work you can view on Flickr in the mosaic below and in her etsy SHOP, you can marvel at her KEEPSAKE EGGS shop or her POLYMER CLAY PENS shop.  You won't be dissappointed!  Just the vast scope of her work and the number of canes she's created is mind-numbing.  =)

1. New Canes, 2. NEW!! Fountain Pens,
3. Close up on the pendants, 4. New Floral Beads
Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Two more days to vote in this month's PCAGOE Challenge! Don't forget that you can also bid to take home the wonderful tins our members created.  All proceeds will go to Polymer Clay for a Cause - a wonderful guild sponsored children's charity. Voting and Bidding go through June 7th and the winners will be announced June 8.  Check out the wonderful creations and think ahead for birthdays and holidays!  These are all one of a kind treasures and at starting bids of only $10,  a great deal for a wonderful charitable cause!  If you still need to vote or bid, you can do so HERE. Remember, 5 lucky voters will go home with a prize from the guild created prize pool and one very special winner will take home a wonderful matching pendant and tin created by Jeanette of Clay Happy!

OK - graduation is done, school is out and now I'm waiting for my sanity to return and anxious to return to my clay table.  I'm sharing another tidbit from the past today as I wait for my life to slowly return to normal.  For many years I designed these ornaments and would add new ones every year that friends would collect for their trees.  They are made from Friendly Plastic, which was softened and molded or sculpted in hot water into the designs shown.   This ornament is my Wind Blown Santa.  He has lots of sparkle and a cheery face.  The design is formed very very carefully around a painted glass ornament and weighted so it hangs on center.  I haven't done any more of these in 10 years, but I still have a few that I treasure on the special tree I have for them!  If you're interested in looking at more of these designs you can find them on my main webpage HERE!  Enjoy!

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  1. Toni's cane work is just beautiful...awesome work!



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