Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Touch of Nature in Pastels!

It's day 2 of the PCAGOE challenge and the bid sheets are busy! Thank you to everyone who is participating in this wonderful event! Today's itsy bitsy tin is brought to you by Peggers - Peggy Reichenbach. Peggy is also a long time member of the PCAGOE. Peggy's creations are fun and whimsical - with cheerful smiles on bugs, ghosts, and little pookie pets - great gifts and wonderful cake toppers! But she has her organic side as well, with beautiful switchplates, ACEO artist cards, and jewelry with touches of leaves and feathers like her wonderful covered tin. Viewing her SHOP is bound to put a smile on your face! Here is a mosaic of some of her other wonderful creations!

Peggers - test
1. Pookie Kissers, 2. My first pendant with my own beads,
3. let's go sledding, 4. Ladybugs on a skateboard
Created with fd's Flickr Toys

The battle lines are being drawn already in only ONE day of bidding on the fabulous artistic tins in this month's PCAGOE Challenge. At a starting bid of $10, you can get a wonderful gift for a special someone - a great little box to wrap a piece of jewelry or hide a even better treasure! These tins are all one of a kind designs and will be treasured little works of art that could add a splash of color to your bathroom storing bath beads or on your dresser storing a prized piece of jewelry. You could always use it in your purse for change, a spare pair of earrings, etc - but who wants to hide something so lovely? If you haven't voted or placed your bid yet, you can do so HERE. Remember 5 lucky voters will win prizes from our member prize pool and ONE very lucky voter will win a lovely matching tin and pendant set from Jeanette of Clay Happy! Good luck to you all!

Sebrina's Elf
Sophie's Elf
May has been a crazy month as school draws to an end.  I have a son graduating High School and my youngest daughter graduating Elementary - with all the end of the year parties, celebrations, volunteer activities and plans.  Not to mention that since I carry school items, there is always a rush for teacher and graduation gifts.  I will be looking forward to things slowing down as summer starts and I take on my summer classes.  This summer I will be teaching 6 different classes.  Introduction to Color is a beginning class for ages 10 and up (adults love this, too).  We cover mixing colors, color properties, compliments, shades, tints, and make some wonderful easy clay creations while learning all about color, including a fun color wheel wall hanging.  The class finishes off with creating jewelry from the canes we have created!  Introduction to Drawing is another beginning class.  In Intro to Drawing, you will learn how to draw and shade basic shapes, how shadows fall from a light source, and drawing from one point and two point perspective.  In Color Fundamentals, we build on what we learned in our intro classes as we learn to use different color medias.  You will learn how to draw shapes and create shadows using colored pencils, paints, and pastels - learning not only how shadows differ in color vs pencil or grayscale, but also how to work with the different color mediums and the differences between them.  Drawing Fundamentals I'm told is a HARD class.  It doesn't start out hard though.  We learn to look at shapes and draw different every day objects by breaking them into cones, cylinders, squares, etc.  This is a very fun exercise and doesn't involve getting the exact proportions - we're just learning to SEE what objects are made up of.  The end of the class getting harder though as I touch on drawing to proportion and transferring what you see onto paper.  It involves basic math skills - ratios and multiplication - but it makes the students realize how art isn't just about drawing.  The last two classes are longer classes and involve JUST polymer clay.  Sculpture Fundamentals builds on much of what we learned about shapes composing objects as the students learn to sculpt simple clay creatures.  We then put all that learning to the test as we create a realistic baby seal!  Sculpting People is just using the same techniques as Sculpture Fundamental to create hands, feet, faces, noses, ears and then put it all together to make a wonderful elf sculpture of your very own!  The creations from the sculpting classes are treasures and something enjoyed by young and old alike!  The elves at the left were done in my last class by 11 year old students!  Aren't they fabulous!  You can find out class times, supplies, and class pricing HERE.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I keep class sizes very small, so they fill fast!

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