Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blue Rock Bracelet

This bracelet is just classy! This is from Michele's Art Jewelry's Primitive Earth Series. Michele Norine's Primitive Earth Series is filled with browns and oranges and bold designs and rough textures - many of which also have almost an african or oriental flare to them. They are stunning! BONUS - this bracelet has matching earrings which are sooooo cool. Michele's work is bold and unique. She incorporates lots of natural elements into her work - bone, leather, semi-precious gems. She is truly an artisan and her pieces are statements that will last generations! You can view more of her work HERE and please look for more of the wonderful artisans of PCAGOE!

This bracelet is one of a kind, so look quickly!

Well, on a personal note - it's cold and sleeting in San Antonio today. Even the air in the house has a bite to it. My space heater is feeling abused. lol My UT canes are coming along as you can see. I was thinking of framing them in black, but I think I'll just stick with the burnt orange and white and then use white beads as accents - since it's hard to find burnt orange beads. lol My next cane with be the letters UT in white with the burnt orange background. Hopefully I'll have some pieces done by the weekend.

Stay warm everyone! The country seems filled with icky cold stuff.

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