Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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When I first saw this bracelet, I caught my breath! The beadwork is marvelous, the shine is just incredible, and the amount of time it would take to give such attention to all those fabulous colorful beads....Pippa said it was a labour of love and it was truly worth it! Pips Bath is from the United Kingdom and her Jewelry and beads are just fabulous. Her attention to detail rivals anyone I've seen. Check out the bitty fish in these beads!!! I very much encourage you to check out her store HERE and if you like her work (and I know you will) you can follow her blog at

Her work is one of a kind and I truly feel she's one of those up & coming artists whose work will be admired by many and very soon! Enjoy! I know I do!

Ok, so the house is clean now and Bunco is over and done.... and my feet hurt. =) All in a good day's work, right? I've been lovingly caressing my coffee cup as the tempuratures hover just below freezing outside - space heater and electric blanket close at hand. So what do I do with my day today? There is several things topping my list. 1) This month's PCAGOE challenge 2) Making more face canes for new face beads and designs (I have a request for a 'grandmother' style bead - maybe it's time to play around with adding spectacles) which would include photo journaling and writing up a tutorial for clay lessons (big project) 3) Working on an Aries cane for some more zodiac jewelry. At least those are the items on my polymer list =) So many more on the omghousebillskidsclasses list - you know the one I mean!

ALSO - I'm going to be doing a special blog promotion. For anyone that orders anything from either of my etsy shops (JEWELRY or DESIGN) I'm going to be throwing in a free poster. Just write POSTER in the message area when you place an order or send me a conversation or email mentioning it. I had these posters done of my Gecko Charmer cut paper mosaic some years ago and they are a limited edition print that are signed and numbered. The image at the right is a photoshop recreation of the design, the poster colors may differ slightly. The offer is good while supplies last. =)

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