Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Locket for Mother's Day

Olivine Locket 4
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Ok, now what Mom wouldn't absolutely love this - I mean really, REALLY love this. Laurel Stevens has truly outdone herself with these lovely handcrafted lockets! They have that old world feel with a wonderful momento tucked inside and necklace itself is asymmetrical for such a wonderful, clever statement. Classy, dressy, nostalgic - PRICELESS! Laurel's shop is filled with wonderful, creative pendants, custom toggle clasps, and touching little heart sculptures to give any friend, teacher, or mentor a moral boost! You can find more of her wonderful designs HERE or follow her on her blog at http://www.laurelsteven.blogspot.com.

Mother's Day isn't that far away. Check out her shop and plan ahead!

Meanwhile, I plug along on odds and ends. The UT canes are underway after I did some clean-up on my work bench. It seems one of my kids spilled the contents of a pixy stick all over my workspace and the clay I had set out there....Luckily soaking the clay in water removes the sugary treat. Sitting down to work, I was like......what the heck. The joys of children (Kelly knows what I'm talking about. lol) It made me think to do some clean-up also, so I made some fun beads and lentils off of leftovers just hanging out on my table. Time to tidy up and might as well make a treasure out of trash - right?

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for featuring me! All my lockets and boxes are class samples for Adorn Me in Houston the first week of March. I will be able to put them up for sale after that. And if they've already sold, I would be happy to make one especially for you!



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