Thursday, February 11, 2010

Triangle Necklace

Isn't this simple yet stunning? Sarah from Creative Art Center dazzles us with the simple use of color in this wonderful necklace! The lines are so clean and the triangular shape such a fun contrast to the glowing red swirls - it's definitely a piece that would catch eyes and start conversations. Sarah's work involves polymer clay jewelry and sculpture, but she also does graphic designs and photo restorations. I love the geometric lines and shapes in her jewelry pieces! You can find more of Sarah's jewelry in her etsy shop HERE. Sarah is another fabulously talented member of PCAGOE.


Well, it's a rainy, cold, messy, icky day here in San Antonio. The tempurature is barely above freezing and the rainy just leaves you feeling chilled through and through. I have my longhorn canes all reduced now and some beads and slices ready for baking. Started working on a UT cane, but ran out of white clay (always running out of white *sigh*) so I'll have to wait until the stores open at 10am to pick up more.....which means going out in the cold, messy, icky day. I should have some pics of beads and a few earrings ready to photograph later today - if there is any light to photograph by that is. lol Y'all take care and stay safe!

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