Saturday, February 27, 2010

Whispering Secrets

Whispering Secrets
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Laura Boner Leidy, also known as Laurabee, is so outstanding in her detail work! Her jewelry is so delicate and reminds me of the wonderful handcrafted ribbon work and embroidery that you might see on old doilies and tablecloths.... a artform in itself that is becoming almost extinct (My mother finds every piece she can find at auctions etc for myself and my children's hope chests because it's disappearing). Her work always brings out memories in me - like this piece. The colors such a soft greenish blue - reminding me of finding faded robin egg shells in the yard in the spring when life is renewing itself. Laura is an true artist and her pieces are soft, feminine and nostalgic. You can find more of her work at her ETSY shop HERE or her shop on 1000 Markets HERE. You can also follow her on her blog at or at her Facebook Fanpage HERE.

Laura is also a valued member of
PCAGOE. Her work is to be treasured - I always enjoy looking at every new piece!

Linda's feature ArzuMusa's feature

Ok - I got this stupid silly smile on my face and just can't get rid of it. AND
Linda Riopel and Arzu Musa - it's all YOUR FAULT! Thank you for your kind words in you blogs and for all the kind words that all my new friends have posted in response! I feel like I've found a new family and will strive to live up to the kindness all of you have shown me. THANK YOU!

Now I'm off to work on my new mystery project! *hugs all*


  1. Deb, thank you for having me here on your blog.
    It makes me feel so good to know that these earrings brought such a wonderful memory to your mind. ♥

  2. You're very welcome, Laura! Keep making such wonderful creations!

  3. Laura, I've told you before how much I love your work and it certainly hasn't changed. It's so sophisticated and refined. I'm always excited to see something new from you on Flicker.



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