Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shania Walking Hermie in the Park

Wandie Ortiz is a fabulous artist!. When I saw this, my first thoughts were of children's books and the wonderful claymation holiday shows I used to watch as a child. I've done some sculpture with polymer clay and it's just a wonderful medium to use to try to express that 'hands on' desire to create. Wandie's works remind me of that. Her store is filled with wonderful creations that speak of nature and earth with colors warm and rich. Wandie is also a member of PCAGOE. Her website is www.wandieortiz.com and you can find her wonderful jewelry HERE.

Her jewelry designs are warm and elegant. Take time to look!

OMG - BUNCO TONIGHT! Whenever I have something like this I always panic about cleaning even when I know the house is probably clean enough. Mostly though, I just have to pick up my clay & bead mess from everywhere it gets scattered when I'm in the throws of working on a new design.....I'm sure no one knows what I'm talking about. lol Here is a picture of a new 3 strand bracelet that I just listed last night. Finding burnt orange beads can be a challenge, but I like what I came up with! Stay safe, stay warm, stay happy!

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