Saturday, February 6, 2010

Journey to the Soul

I've often thought of doing wall sconces because candlelight is so very elegant. Mary Jane from Desertdreamstudios reminds me of that passion with her wonderful art shrine pictured at the right. Mary Jane is also a fellow member of PCAGOE and also makes beautiful, endearing boxes and paperweights.  The colors are rustic and have almost a southwestern flare to them.  She encompasses her art with pictures and phrases and texture - with hints of metal and gemstones.  The finished products are breathtaking and so very personal.  I just may have to look into experimenting with wall sconces again with the inspirations from these wonderful shrines.  Much of her work can be found exhibited at the Gainsburg Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Check out her Flickr gallery at HERE and her etsy shop at  

I adore her work - hope you enjoy it, too!

The sun finally has come out in San Antonio and I have some new work posted and more post soon.  So....drumroll please......SMU MUSTANGS!  You can find my listing of SMU items HERE.  This is my first foray into college jewelry and I'm hoping it's the first of many.  In the next few weeks I hope to work on a Texas Longhorns cane and some faux opal for an Aries Zodiac cane.  

Thank you for following!  Always more things to do and learn!

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