Friday, February 26, 2010

My cat on a box!

My cat on a box!
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Berit Hines makes covering tins look easy and trust me - it's not! This beauty has a polymer clay image of her cat, Charlie and it's MAGNIFICENT! Berit is another friend from the PCAGOE and along with being a very gifted artist, is always there to help her fellow guild members with words of wisdom, encouragement, and a sense of humor. Her SHOP is filled with the most wonderful covered tins, pens, wine stoppers and pendants all made from millefiori canework that is exceptional! She - like myself - dabbles in the fine arts and also has a store at Imagekind where you can purchase her watercolors.

A very talented lady is so many respects! Grab a little tin as a special way to 'wrap' a special trinket for that special person in your life! No one can resist 2 gifts in one!

While out doing my daily chasing yesterday, one person I had an appointment with happened to be a UT graduate and I was wearing one of the new bracelets I made ...and had some other items in my purse (I always try to keep a little showcase on hand - just in case). Well, I gotta make a few more now, but that's good reason for a "HAPPY DANCE!" =) I got my next zodiac cane started and will be finishing that up today and moving on to making my surprise that I hope will be finished in time for the challenge. UG ....need more coffee and more hours in the day! The picture above is a necklace set with my face covered beads. Kind of a blast from the past with some ETSY listings from a few months ago before I got this blog up and running. You can find it HERE.

The sun is shining - it's supposed to be 65 today after sleeting on Tuesday! I'm soo ready for spring! Keep smiling, everyone!


  1. Thank you, Deb, you are very kind! Charlie thanks you, too!



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