Monday, February 22, 2010

Picture Yourself In Spring

The colors in this just yell, "SPRING!" I love this mirror created by Angela Hickey aka Polymer Clay Creations! She has wonderful detail in every panel with embossing and mica shifts, molded flowers, and micro beads for added sparkle! What a lovely creation! I can picture this hanging on the wall in some young girls bedroom so she can check her hair before she heads off to school! Angela is also a member of PCAGOE and is a wonderful source of inspiration to the guild. She is always helpful and her millefiori work is outstanding! You can find everything from jewelry to covered tins and wine bottle stoppers in her shop HERE or check out her new blog at If your on Facebook, you can join her Fan page HERE. =)

Angela's work is so full of color and life - her shop is just fun to look at! Please take a peek.

Today is going to be a clean the house day for me as I prepare to host some of my long time lady friends tomorrow night for Bunco. It's my monthly excuse to kick back, forget the stress, and have a few glasses of wine. I've been working on more new UT designs - beaded bracelets and earrings. I'll probably manage to post some more to Etsy today or early tomorrow. I spent a huge chunk of time last night picking up beads my cat had flipped onto the floor - ug! Hope y'all are having a good monday. The sun is shining here and I think it's a good day to turn the music up loud and CLEAN! Dancing with the vacuum cleaner is always cathartic!


  1. Thanks Deb!! What a great surprise to wake up to this morning. Don't know if it was my wishful thinking with making the mirror or not, but the sun is SHINING!!

  2. You're very welcome! =) I kind of did just post it as you happened to be on facebook, which is always a wonderful way to start your day! I love you work - PERIOD and thank you for all you do!



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