Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aries Bracelet

Aries Bracelet
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Next in my line of Zodiac Jewelry! Aries/April traditional birthstone is Bloodstone - which is dark green with red markings, the modern birthstone is diamond, and the mystical birthstone is opal. This bracelet combines elements of all three. The Aries symbol is a millefiori design in dark green with hints of red set in a faux opal background. The Aries zodiac beads where sliced and then carefully shaped into balls and sanded and polished smooth. The zodiac beads are accented by faux opal lentils that have hints of blue, pink, and green, plus crystal 'diamonds' with silver accents. I will be posting this item and additional matching items today and the rest of this week to my etsy jewelry store HERE. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear them! You can find other photos of this bracelet or my other designs at my Flickr Gallery or my various photo albums on my Facebook Fan page.

Here is a finished painted seal from my class yesterday. The girls are only 10 and they did fabulous! I find it very satisfying and fulfilling to be able to teach and to see how everyone responds to art - and especially polymer clay. It really brings out the inner artist in everyone! Last night I went down the the Riverwalk and La Villita in San Antonio for the Luminaria Arts Night in San Antonio. There were beautiful lights on all the buildings and stages with local musicians playing. I was disappointed though because all the alcohol and food vendors made it more of a party atmosphere than an artistic one and the crowds were challenging to get through just to view what was being displayed. Though we did manage to find our way through the crowds to a nice scenic spot on the riverwalk just to sit and enjoy the beauty of it. The Riverwalk is really a jewel stuck in the middle of the bustling downtown where with just a trip down a few stairs you can find yourself in a serene peaceful walk. It is something everyone must see if they ever visit this beautiful city.

Have a wonderful Sunday! *hugs*

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