Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cuff Bracelets

Set of Cuff Bracelets
Originally uploaded by Jill Palumbo

Don't you wanna just TOUCH them! I adore Jill Palumbo's work - not just because it's beautiful, but because she let's everyone see her thought process. I've been fooling around with polymer clay for about 15 years doing millefiori stuff - basically self taught and having fun. 6 months ago I couldn't have told you what a mica shift was... or image transfer... or mokume gane... When I threw myself into the business side of this world , one of the first things I did was join Flickr and a huge new world opened up for me! Jill Palumbo's photo stream was like candy and I loved just paging through all her various projects seeing the steps and reading her thoughts (It totally doesn't surprise me that she's a teacher). Such a marvelous, creative person! If you'd like to find more about Jill you can visit her website at You can find her etsy store HERE or follow her blog or join her Facebook Fan page.

Jill's work is inspiring and I hope you take the time to see it for yourself!

Such a beautiful day yesterday!!! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was warm enough to leave windows open and let some fresh spring air into the house. There is that wonderful smell in the air when all the trees start to bud - it's so hard to describe, but it makes you want to stretch like you're a bear waking up from a long hibernation. lol *STRETCH* Ok - here is a photo of some new ideas I've been toying with - they're rough pieces and still need to be sanded and buffed. I love the patterning and it reminds me of some of the UT fabric that was used in jumpers and other fun things when I was setting up a UT Treasury. My fellow members of PCAGOE have been recommending also doing things like key chains, drawer pulls, magnets, push pins, bottle openers, switch plates, etc etc. Sounds like a lot more experimenting, but new directions are sometimes fun, too!

It's 'over-the-hump' day! All downhill until the weekend! Enjoy!

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