Friday, March 12, 2010

With This Ring Trinket Box Keepsake

Isn't this lovely! With spring in the air, the other thing that is in the air this time of year is love and all the weddings that go with it. This beautiful Keepsake Box is designed by Jill Kollmann of JKay Jewelry - another talented member of the PCAGOE. Jill's work is inspiring. She is a master at this wonderful art form and makes such wonderful creations with flowers and wire and millefiori - she is truly gifted. And if you'd like to take advantage of her gifts, you can find tutorials she teaches at CLAYLESSONS. Along with more wonderful photos of this very same Keepsake Box. Jill's store can be found HERE or you can view more of her wonderful designs at claylessons or her flickr gallery.

If you have ever had any interest in learning about polymer clay and it's many diverse uses, please check out Claylessons. com and find Jill's work there - she's one talented lady!

Today is Friday and I have a ton of catching up to do and preparation for my class tonight - though I should have photos of more of my students' work tomorrow for everyone to see! They make me so proud. This next week will be spring break and yard work time! Time to clean up, wash up the deck, plant a few plants and enjoy some family time in the yard - I think I need to plan some brauts on the grill as well or maybe some marinated cabobs! yum! Here is a fun picture from one of my students during our perspective drawing class - they learn so much for being only in 5th grade! This is the hallway off my front entrance in my home. lol

Enjoy your weekend!

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