Saturday, March 6, 2010

Polymer clay-"Rainbow Seashells"

This wonderful pendant has such vivid color and the seashell overlay comes as a pleasant, fun surprise when you look at it close up. Yonat Dascalu is a fellow member of PCAGOE. Yonat hails from Israel and her shop is filled not only with wonderful colorful pendants that touch on so many fun polymer clay techniques, but she also has an assortment of tutorials for anyone new to polymer clay who would like to try their hand at this addicting art form or anyone with some knowledge who'd like to build on their skill and try out something new! You can view her shop HERE or join her Facebook Fan page.

The voting for the PCAGOE challenge ends tomorrow. Yonat's beautiful pendant is another fabulous entry! If you haven't voted yet, please VOTE HERE for a chance to win a lovely prize donated by our talented members.

Welcome to the weekend, everyone! This weekend will be mostly a working weekend for me - doing a ton of busy work and probably not a ton of claying, but we'll see. There always seem to be those few moments in the day when you just have to create. Here is an old design from last fall using my little face beads. I call it my Mermaid's Bracelet because of all the wonderful water colors in the semi-precious beads.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY! It's been a rainy, overcast winter here in central Texas and the sun seems to be hiding behind clouds most of the time lately. After a wonderful sunny day Thursday, Friday was overcast and gloomy. Late in the evening the house was looking bleak so rather than turn on lights, I lit a bunch of candles I have around the house on sconces. The glow in the house was so warm and inviting, it reminded me to do that more to cheer myself on those gloomy days. When life is gloomy, light a candle. =)


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    Thank you for your kind words,
    It is a great honor for me to be featured in your


    Yonat Dascalu.



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