Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A BOLD new PC world!

Snake Skin Choker
From the ETSY shop of 11BOLDstreet

Every now and then there is an artist that makes you stop and think - WOW, there is something I'd never considered. And you pause, think, and your view of your art and what you do totally takes on a different perspective by comparison. Susan O'Neill of 11BOLDstreet is one of those artists to me. I grew up in a small Minnesota farming community where jewelry was delicate and pretty and if it was unusal in any way it was a 'conversation piece' - rarely did jewelry stand out. Susan's shop name is a testament to her style - BOLD! Her pieces are beautiful and stand out and demand to be seen - almost like they have a confidence all of their own! When I was considering using image transfers to put my artwork onto tile beads for art jewelry, it was Susan's shop that I went to for inspiration - because art demands to be seen and her work inspired me in that way. Everyone needs their 'statement' jewelry - those pieces that shout out to the world of your confidence and your pride and Susan's shop is filled with just such pieces. You can take a look at Susan's shop HERE or join her facebook FANPAGE.

This week during the PCAGOE challenge vote, I'll be featuring random artists who entered while the voting is going on. Susan is the first and truly one of my favorites because of her challenge to my style. If you haven't voted in the challenge yet, please do so HERE - Remember 5 lucky public voters chosen at random will win a lovely gift, so go VOTE!

Well, the time has come for me to break out of my comfort zone and strive out into the world! This week I'll be finishing up some design ideas, but most of the week I'm going to try to break out of my fear of exposure and see what is out there in magazines, TV shows, schools, communities, etc etc. I am very comfortable in my art, but marketing myself..... no no no..... It is a struggle not to just give things away. With the additions of my Children of the World collection and my new UT collection, I have a strong showing for my design style and capability - now it's time to ask the world what they want me to do with it. Am I scared - you betya! But I've tackled stronger challenges. Wish me luck!

Spring is just around the corner - time for life to start fresh and maybe that's a goal for everyone this time of year!

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