Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Wedding Cake Topper

Ok - I see a spring romance/wedding theme brewing this week, but 'oh well' it's in the air - right? Look at this lovely wedding cake topper created by Marie Young of Young Creative. The roses are so delicate and lovely and who wouldn't want a cake topper that is uniquely your very own! Marie is also a fellow member of PCAGOE and though she makes some wonderful jewelry with her flower making skill, her work shines in the wonderful cake toppers she creates. Each one is delicate, unique, and personal whether you're picking one from her shop or having her create a custom design just for you. You can see more of Marie's designs at her etsy shop HERE or follow her blog at

I couldn't think of a more touching memory than a handcrafted cake topper! We all need that extra touch of romance in our lives.

Today is going to be one of those take it easy days for me. I think I've been burning the candle at both end way too long and I am just plum tuckered out. lol I think I'll turn on a movie while my kiddos play on the Wii in the other room and putter around with covering my tin for the June PCAGOE challenge. I need something to do that doesn't involve thinking. =) Besides, Berit has me inspired now with her wonderful lessons. *hugs*

Happy Monday, folks!


  1. Thank you so much! I can't tell you how excited I was to see this. It made my day.

  2. You're very welcome, Marie! They're beautiful!



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