Friday, March 19, 2010

Steampunk Butterfly, Lilac

I look at Eugena's butterflys and all I can think of is WHAT FUN! My imagination (and my years of playing World of Warcraft) get the better of me and I can just picture those beautiful things flying all around Gnomeregan. Eugena must be a tinker along with a marvelous polymer artist. =) Eugena is another member of the PCAGOE and her shop is filled with beads, buttons, marvelous pendants, sculpted flowers, and wonderful tutorials to satisfy your need to learn! She is a master at incorporating different media into her polymer clay work, so along with steampunk - like the Butterfly - you can also find metal, wire, resin, and so much more in her creations. She is truly an artist. You can find Eugena's shop HERE, follow her blog at, or visit her homepage at You can also find Eugena's tutorials on Claylessons.

Eugena's work is intricate and masterful. I need to set aside some time and pick up some of her tutorials myself!

OK - TADA!!!! My little tin is covered! This photo is before I got it all sanded smooth and buffed shiney, but PHEW! Not too bad for a first go round at this tin covering thingie. I actually had a ton of fun making up the canes and playing around. My youngest daughter has fallen in love with the little box, so since this one is spoken for, I'll probably be making more. Besides, I need ideas to use up all those 60s mod canes, right! I have to say though - it was nice to take a break and try some new techniques and picking up the
sanding and buffing tutorial from Lynda (SCDiva) made a huge difference in the final finish. Thank you, Lynda! Now I'm seeing visions of team designs on little boxes, too. lol ....omg, my to do list just got bigger!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY! It's spring break and I woke up early before my kiddos are out of bed. It's quiet and the TV is off and I can hear the wind chimes and doves cooing while I sip my coffee. Sometimes mornings are grand! Turn the TV off and listen to the birds sing!



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