Friday, March 5, 2010

Wooden Flower Pendant

Wooden Flower Pendant
Originally uploaded by WiredOrchid

You really have to look at this necklace up close to really appreciate it! The colors and textures are magnificent. The artist who brought us this piece is Lorraine Vogel. Lorraine is a fairly new member of the PCAGOE and, like so many polymer clay artists, her background and job is in art. She's a graphic artist and works as the art director for a few magazines. Lorraine's style is bold, but always with a hint of south Florida nature in it - from this piece that speaks of wood and has such a wonderful tribal feel to it, to pieces that speak to us of volcanos, rainforests, hibiscus, and watery lagoons & oceans. She has a wonderful style that is truly her own and her pieces are so very, very eye-catching - though she's new to PCAGOE, I know she'll find a following! You can see more of her work HERE or follow her on her Facebook Fan Page.

Lorraine's wonderful necklace was another entry in this month's March PCAGOE Challenge. Please check out the other wonderful entrants and if you haven't voted yet, VOTE HERE for a chance to win a wonderful item donated by our members.

After a beautiful sunny day yesterday, the clouds have returned here and it looks like they're sticking around through the weekend. Along with all the housework and yardwork, I need to get together new brochures for classes, nail designs for nail boutiques, and a basic school jewelry summary for any school interested in designs for fundraising. PLUS there is so many of my old designs that need rephotographed... sometimes the list only gets bigger it seems, but most of you probably know the feeling! Plus new orders to get in the mail, too! Here is a photo of a custom necklace I made for a new customer yesterday.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY! I know I touched on this yesterday, bu I was stuck in stop and go traffic after I dropped my daughter off at school - just regular daily slow down at a school with the police directing traffic and everyone in the school zone either going to work or dropping off themselves. It's so easy to get mad or impatient being stuck in traffic, but then I looked over at the school grounds and there were these beautiful yellow wild flowers blooming everywhere. Maybe when life slows you down, it's only meaning to make you see the flowers. =)


  1. That necklace by WiredOrchid is certainly wonderful. The focal piece is magnificent and the accent beads really make the piece nice and cohesive. I am also pleased to see more moo-cows from you but I fear I would have been more pleased to see the yellow flowers you saw, Deb. The almanac is predicting our biggest snow storm on the 7th and I'm too scared to look at the weather forecast. :(

  2. I agree - it's just a wonderful piece all put together! Oh, I think I'm moving on to new things soon because the UT stuff has kind of filled my life for the last few weeks. Growing up in Minnesota, I very much enjoy seeing flowers this time of year. My birthday is monday and I remember blizzards and snowstorms all the time - flowers are a significant improvement. lol I should take some pictures - the bluebonnets will be along soon also and they're so very lovely! Maybe it's time for a bluebonnet cane!



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