Monday, March 22, 2010

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
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Happy Birthday, Alison! Today's blog feature is Alison Kurek. Alison is a mixed media artist who works with not only polymer clay in designing her wonderful little sculptures, but also paint - at times incorporating the two in some wonderful 3d pictures! Alison is a fellow member of PCAGOE and an artist who has sold her work in numerous galleries, shops, and art festivals for over 15 years. Her ETSY shop is filled with wonderful 3D animals, paintings, notecards, and mixed media wall hangings and art cards (ACEO). She calls her blog Conservatively Outrageous and also has a Facebook Fan page.

It's Alison's birthday today, so it's a great day to look her up and wish her your best!

Spring Break is over and now I can relax and get back down to business with kids back to school. It always goes to fast and you never seem to get as much done as you wanted to, but it's wonderful to get to spend some extra time with the kids. My youngest was completely fascinated by my Groovy Tin I made and wanted to confiscate it for herself. She's become a wonderful artist herself and we'll be attending an award ceremony Thursday evening for her. She entered the National PTA reflections contest and went all the way to nationals where she received an honorable mention! So very proud of her and she is so talented for the young age of 10.

I had some left over scraps from covering my tin and decided to play around with them making some Groovy earrings. They're fun and colorful. I have some lentils polishing up too, so who knows what I'll do with those. lol.

Enjoy a new week, folks!


  1. Thanks for the B-day wishes Deb! The earring are fabulous -- so 60's.


  2. You're welcome and Thank you! I'm having fun trying out something a bit new, so I'm loving the 60s line! lol



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