Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Congratulations Winners!

First Place!
Second Place - PCAGOE voters!
"Rainbow Seashells"
Originally uploaded by Yonat Dascalu

Second Place!
It's alive!
Originally uploaded by River Valley Design

Third Place!
Leaf Topped Pendant
Originally uploaded by Stonebrash

First Place - PCAGOE voters!
Forest Fairy Autumn Choker
Originally uploaded by The Sage Arts

Third Place - PCAGOE voters!
Antique Textured Bangle
Originally uploaded by Arzu Musa
The theme for our March challenge was “Texture.” Each member who entered this month was challenged to create a textured entry. This is always a popular theme among our members, and this month, there was 31 fantastic entries from which to choose your top 3 favorites! And here they are!!

Our first place winner among all voters and 2nd place among PCAGOE members is Yonat Dasculu. Yonat has been a member of
PCAGOE since December of 2008 and is from Israel. Her work touches on many, many polymer clay techniques and she also sells tutorials in her shop. You can find her Etsy shop HERE or join her Facebook Fan page.

Our second place winner is Christi Uliczny of River Valley Designs. Christi joined PCAGOE in October of 2009 and is from Michigan. Her work uses wonderful colors and textures - and she also sells tutorials at Clay Lessons. You can find Christi's shop HERE or follow her blog or her Facebook Fan page.

The Third Place winner among general voters is Dottie Hoeschen of Stonebrash. Dottie joined PCAGOE in February of 2009 and hails from Pennsylvania. Her jewelry is warm and earthy. You can find Dottie's etsy shop HERE and find out more about her work at her personal webpage at www.stonebrashcreative.com.

First place winner among the PCAGOE voters is Sage Bray of The Sage Arts. Sage is a recent addition to PCAGOE and joined this past December 2009. She is from Colorado and she does fantasy/gothic mixed media and polymer art. You can find Sage's etsy shop HERE or follow her blog or Facebook Fan page.

Our third place winner among the PCAGOE voters is Arzu Musa. Turkey is Arzu Musa's home and she joined PCAGOE back in August of 2008. Her work is bold with strong design elements from her millefiori work. She makes beautiful handle holders, buttons, combs, and pendants. You can find her shop HERE or follow her blog and personal website at www.arzumusa.com.

Congratulations to all winners! The lucky voters who won from the draw of this month's voters are:

Petra Monaco
Daniella Flakowicz
David Polakoff
Maite Mora Ferrer
Stevie Rocco

Each of them will be receiving a lovely gift handmade by our members. Congratulations to them as well!

The April PCAGOE Challenge theme will be "Inspired by Fabric." You can view the entries as they are posted on the PCAGOE Challenge Flickr Group. Find your favorite early and be prepared to vote again next month between April 1 and 7th.

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