Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiny Delights!

I was puttering around on Etsy checking on the folks who had marked my shop as their favorite - just because I like to find out who likes my work and curiosity and all that. And while I was browsing these other shops, I came across the link to this shop - a sister shop to one I was looking at. Ana of Tiny Delights is from Lisbon and her shop is filled with wonderful dollhouse miniatures - pies, cookies, salads, breads, spaghetti - all that she custom creates out of polymer clay. The wonderful Mushroom Mediterranean Pie above just made me hungry!
She has also recently added some beautiful dollhouse miniature pillows and bedspreads by her friend Marlene like the one pictured on the left. All the creations are in 1:12 scale and are so adorable and colorful and unique. I just can't imagine the patience that goes into making such tiny delights. =) You can find Ana's etsy shop HERE or follow her blog at For more images of Ana's work you can also go to her Flickr Gallery.

I think a lot of us - even though grown up - wish for that special dollhouse to make perfect one day. These are truly bitty treasures!.

Ok - here is a photo of my work in progress! Can you tell what it's going to spell? lol As I was discussing yesterday, my tin for the upcoming PCAGOE challenge is going to be a flash back to the 60s - with daisies, peace signs, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The canes I'm creating - like this one - are white designs with translucent backgrounds so I can layer them over a retro pastel background. I'm having fun so far and visiting lot of memories from my childhood of things like non-slip daisy appliques in my grandmother's bathtub and visions of the backdrop to "The Dating Game" - I even watched a few YouTube flashbacks of the show - and it still makes me laugh. Here is one if you'd like to share a giggle with me. Wish me luck today as I put it together!

Keep smiling and PEACE!

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