Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PCAGOE April Challenge Prize Mosaic

This month's new batch of goodies!! These are the prizes in the pool for our PCAGOE April Challenge, the theme of which is "Inspired by Fabric". Vote between April 1 and April 7, 2010 and you could win one of these prizes handmade by our talented member artists! Check out the PCAGOE website for more information and make sure to mark your calendars and VOTE!

Top Row L-R: 11BoldStreet - pen; RenGalSA - tietac; PolymerClayCreations - bead set; LaurelSteven - pendant; Chicki - earrings

2nd Row L-R: Spiritmama - bunny charm; BeeTreeByMe - pendant; ClayHappy - earrings; SCDiva - pendant; ClayCenter - earrings

3rd Row L-R: NKDesigns - brooch; JKollmann - necklace; RenGalSA - bracelet; ClayCenter - covered tin; LauraBeeStudios - bracelet and earrimgs set

Yes, that's right - I have two prizes in this month's pool!!

It's a quiet, wet, rainy day today. Thunderstorms rolled in last night and it rained through the night. The air has that wonderful crisp feeling to it this morning and is much clearer - with all the oaks and others things blooming, the city is always full of allergy sniffles this time of year, so a good rain was just what the doctor ordered! I've been puttering around with a new line of items based on my theme for the PCAGOE June challenge to cover a tin. It'll be a base of a marbled yellow, orange, pink covered with millefiori 'LOVE', peace signs, daisies, and some faces of every race. I can handle the cane making, but this will be a new challenge for me in covering a tin and the other ideas I have in mind, but I need a break from the school stuff to satisfy my muse. I've included a photo of some of the fun lentil earrings I'll be posting to etsy today. They're faux opal with swirls of green and a touch of red at times - left overs from my Aries zodiac caning, but they have a wonderful shine to them and the green is a great contrast to the pinks and sparkles in the faux opal. I'll probably making a matching bracelet that is just these lentils, too - they're just a very attractive mix.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: I've been thinking a lot lately about life's drama and hardships - and facing too much of it sometimes in my life. It is alway hard when life's road is so bumpy, but then all those hard times make us take a hard look at our focus and what is truly important to us. Rarely when we're faced with hardship do we not see good come from it in the long run. Life's bumpy road keeps us awake at the wheel.

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