Thursday, March 4, 2010

Janice Can-can!

Janice Sears' jewelry just brings out a whole range of emotion. Joy, fun, excitement, warmth... Her jewelry designs are fun and friendly, bold and daring, thoughtful and mystical - but never, never the same old same old. And Janice is a friend - a good person who is always one of the first to give advice, give a pat on the back, cheer a person on, or give a warm virtual shoulder. She's as much a treasure as the creations she makes and a true gift to the PCAGOE. NOW - about this bracelet! It is ALL CLAY - the beautiful ruffles are made from clay also and carefully folded and layered. The only thing not clay is the gem on the rosette. Polymer Clay can be such an illusion! For more of Janice's work, check out her Etsy shop HERE or you can follow her on her blog at or on her Facebook Fanpage.

Janice's wonderful Can-can bracelet can be found as part of the March PCAGOE challenge going on right now! If you haven't voted you can VOTE HERE - remember 5 lucky voters get a wonderful prize donated by our talented members!

The sun is shining and when I dropped my daughter off at school, there are all these bright yellow flowers blowing all over the school grounds - spring has sprung in San Antonio! And it's a good thing, too - because my cat killed my space heater yesterday. It's been such a cold winter and I've been toting it from room to room just to take the edge off the chill..... well, apparently the electrical cord looked like something fun to pounce on and he yanked it right out of my hands. BOOM - no more space heater! *cry* Not sure what my polymer clay plans will be today, but I just made another sale of UT stuff with a request for a matching necklace, so.... time to think, but it's all good - right?

It's 'Play and Clay Thursday' at PCAGOE! *happy dance* I love to see everyone's new creations and get inspired! Happy Thursday everyone!

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