Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PCAGOE April Challenge

These are the entries in the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy's April Challenge, the theme of which is "Inspired by Fabric".

Please vote for your top 3 favorites at www.pcagoe.com between April 1 and April 7, 2010. 5 lucky voters will also win fabulous polymer clay prizes created by our talented member artists!

1) BeeTreeByMe
2) RiverValleyDesign
3) ClayCenter
4) CraftsbyCag
5) HiGirls
6) 11BoldStreet
7) RenGalSA
8) PhoenixRose
9) ArrowdaleArtStudio
10) PolymerClayCreations
11) VyaKyasha
12) AshPaints
13) MirameCreations
14) TheColorOfDreams
15) StillPointWorks
16) IansCafe
17) BlessedBeadJewelry

Always so much to do. =) Here is a few samples of some of my new Memory Capsules - something fun for upcoming Mother's Day and end of the year teacher's gifts! I've been playing around with my 60s canes and trying to think of new design ideas. Plus I'll be working up some generic college design ideas to offer to the stores wishing to carry my products after I get licensing and some new local school ideas for some fundraisers and sales at different schools coming up. All this along with preparing more beads, orders, paperwork, business plans, meetings, etc etc in order to get everything up to speed. One step at a time - wish there was 10 of me right now. lol OH - time for laundry, too. =)

Don't forget to vote! You'll see my entry sitting at #7 (lucky - right?) up there, but please vote for your favorites! I will be!


  1. Deb, thanks for doing this! You are just the best! Best artist, best friend, best blogger!

  2. Gads Janice - I could just hug you! Thank you for the pick me up. =)



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