Sunday, March 7, 2010

Give That Doll a Pizza!

Give That Doll a Pizza
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Yes, this is polymer clay! I find myself looking at artists that use the medium to make miniatures a lot. When Amanda Hunt put this wonderful little pizza on the PCAGOE challenge, I just giggled. They're so very fun it makes me want to get a doll house just to make things like this for it. Amanda is a fellow caner and her shop is filled not only with miniatures, but wonderful creations of all sorts - from millefiori designs to embossing to everything under the sun. And Amanda's home is under the sun - she's from Australia, just another testament to how this wonderful medium brings people from all over the world together. Amanda has two shops Polyclarific and Beadpile. You can find her Blog at or join her Facebook Fan page.

Amanda is the last person that I'm featurings as part of the PCAGOE challenge. The voting closes tonight, so if you haven't - VOTE HERE. Tomorrow the winners of the challenge will be announced along with the winning voters from the random drawing! Good luck to everyone!

Tut, tut - it looks like rain!. Again! My Sunday is going to spent finishing some marketing stategies, writing emails, making brochures, and then researching more potential ideas - like making flatware handles with school designs, etc etc. It's all pretty dry stuff, so I'll probably do something creative just to give myself a break from all the business stuff that I dread doing. I've attached screenshots of the wonderful blog of Polly Dobbs where I was featured last week. Polly is also a fellow PCAGOE member and makes the most wonderful millefiori beads and tribal/wiccan designs. Her shop is HERE and you can read more from her wonderful blog at

I hope everyone has a great end of your weekend. =)


  1. I totally missed this! Thanks for featuring me in this way and you said so many nice things about me too!



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